My Favorite Travel- and Training-Friendly Nut Butters

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Nutrition

We are a little nut butter obsessed in this house. (Not as obsessed as the Aspire Racing team—during the season, that crew was putting away INSANE amounts of almond butter). But still… Peter uses it in smoothies and on sweet potatoes, I go old-school and add it to my oatmeal, and we always have it in single-serve packets or bar forms when we’re traveling. I’ve been checking out some new brands lately, and I figured it was time to round up my new and old favorites into one post!

Nuttzo Organic Peanut Pro 2GO Seven Nut and Seed Butter Squeeze Pack

I’m a fan of squeeze -pack nut butters, so there are two on the list. This one is ideal for super quick snacks on the go—it’s about 2/3 the size of the other squeeze packet on my faves list, and skips any added sweeteners, so it’s just a fast shot of fat and protein, not sugar. Ingredients include organic peanuts, cashews, flax seeds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds, and it does have 2 grams of fiber (bonus!). The pack is super small so it can fit in any purse, and since it’s a 100-calorie pouch, it’s ideal for a fast snack when you need a tiny pick-me-up, not a meal substitute. Bonus points if you add some veggies like carrots or celery to dip into it, but honestly, I just go for the packet on its own when I’m out for the day and starting to bonk.

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Nuttzo Bold Bitez

I really liked these bars that combined nut butter and collagen for a tasty treat that wasn’t too sweet. The Peanut Pro is organic and has 10 grams of protein in the 200-calorie bar… Having one of these in my purse is ideal because at Starbucks (for example) at the airport, I can grab coffee and an apple, add this bar, and feel like I’ve had a completely legit snack pre-flight, but with only 5 grams of sugar in the bar, I don’t feel like I’ve gone overboard. It’s just the right amount of indulgence for a busy, stressful day without the added sugar.

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Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Packets

I started stashing these in my purse a couple years ago because to be honest, Jeremy Powers was obsessed with them, and the mark of a good/smart team manager is to always be packing… snacks for hungry athletes. I can’t tell you guys how many hunger-related grumpy moments were headed off by having a couple of these in my purse, both for myself and for Jeremy. Sweet enough to feel like a great snack, but with fat and 6 grams protein so you feel full for longer. Boom. (Also great for putting on apple slices, though that’s not as travel-friendly as just eating right out of the packet.)

Get them on Amazon (for under $1 per packet!!!)


Clif Nut Butter Bars

I had to include these because they’re my #1 on-bike STAPLE. I talked a ton about living off of them during Ironman (especially the plain PB one) and they’re definitely the most dessert-y of the bunch. I still stash one in most of my backpacks and we have a couple hidden in the van for those ‘need sweets now’ hits and they’re absolutely the most decadent of the options. I wouldn’t recommend them as your healthy everyday snack, but they’re good to have in a pinch, and such a perfect blend of fat, protein and carbs for me on endurance rides.

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