When Eating “Healthy” Messes Up Your Workout

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Nutrition

Over on Nylon, I got to write about a topic I’m HUGELY passionate about: when eating ‘healthy’ is messing with you. I’ve seen a ton of serious cyclists and runners suffer because of fad diets that are touted as the great new way to improve performance, only to end up over or (more likely) under-fueling and basically F-ing up their ability to recover and make improvements in their training. And I think it happens on every level, from absolute amateur to world-class elite. It’s super tempting, especially when weight loss is involved, to go for diets that promise fast and life-changing results, but as athletes of any type (and as humans, let’s be real), the moderate approach is almost always going to be better in the long-term. Check out this article—and share it! I think it’s a topic that doesn’t get discussed nearly enough. Not only do I talk about why your workout might be in a slump due to your diet, I talk about how to tweak it. I think being vegan or Paleo is totally fine (both can be freaking fantastic in my experience!) but it’s how you’re doing it that can make a massive difference.

(For more tips on how to actually eat, I’ve written about it a bunch on here, but also in my book, Fuel Your Ride, which covers regular everyday nutrition that makes your endurance athlete lifestyle a whole lot better!)

Click to read: When Eating “Healthy” Messes Up Your Workout


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