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by | Mar 9, 2021 | Training

Consummate Athlete Bike Skill Lessons

2021 Skill Session, Group Clinics and Guiding is open for Booking

This year the demand is high for bike lessons, bike clinics, cycling coaching and guided rides. More bikes were purchased, more people are riding and more people want to feel safe and ride their bikes better, faster and in new areas.

Similar to 2020, we will be focused on doing more bike lessons and guided rides in the Collingwood/Dufferin Forest regions (Simcoe/Dufferin). These areas offer some of the best trails in Ontario and facilitate the best learning environment (and most enjoyable rides!)

Working privately or semi-privately with a coach helps you get feedback and a customized training session that is at your ability level and directed at your goals.

Common locations are Collingwood, Dufferin Forest & Albion Hills, however, Your ideal location can be booked upon request!

These can be booked as single sessions, or as a 3-pack and they can be shared between a maximum of two people.

Book your first Skill Session or Guided Ride for 2021 Now!

This year’s skill sessions will again be based largely out of the Collingwood / Mansfield-Dufferin area to continue to facilitate the best results by getting you on the best terrain for your skill development goals.

Collingwood features some of the most technical trails in Ontario and the best climbing and descending, if those skills are on your list this year then it is worth the trip up to work with a coach on this specific terrain.

Similarly, log hops are a big ‘to-do’ for many mountain bikers and Dufferin Forest is world-class with many logs of various sizes you will get a lot of practice repetition and variation!

Booking for your first session can be done with the below two links:

  1. Collingwood (including Dufferin Forest) – These are available most days at your convenience!
  2. Other Locations – Booking is available but may need to be adjusted based on travel and other bookings


If you would like to attend a pre-organized clinic where you can join a group of similar athletes to work on your skills, you just need to register to hold your spot!

We have several already on the calendar and you can read about them on the events page


Questions? Please reach out with your ideal session format/location! 



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