Cutting Back on Booze? Check These Easy Mocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Nutrition

Over on Outside Online, I talked to some athletes/bartenders with a passion for fun, funky mocktails—whether you’re not drinking alcohol, at all or you’re just looking to cut back, or you want an option to switch to after you’ve already had your alcohol-based cocktail, I love the idea of a fun, summery mocktail that’s satisfying and fancy AF without a ton of effort or added boozy calories. I’ll be mixing up a batch of these at a family shindig this weekend (because honestly, no one wants to get drunk at their one-year-old niece’s birthday bash with their in-laws in attendance!), and I’ll post it over on Instagram if you want to tune in to see how it went!

Click to read: 5 Easy Mocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

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