Coping w. Injury, Numb Hands and Frustration with Training

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Training

This episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast (you can listen or download below) answers a few listener questions. Check out the show notes on HERE on the podcast page.

Coping with Injury

When you are injured and unable to do your sport, or to do your sport as much or as aggressive as you would like, it is very hard! Sometimes you wonder what you will do with all the free time and the tendency is definitely there to sit around and get sad about missing races. This time off can be a gift to change our focus and train differently (or recover harder), to learn new things like cooking, meditation and strength training (master pull-ups?). This time off can also be a good gut check on how we are doing with our off-bike lives. See friends you haven’t seen, spend more quality time with family and loved ones.

Numb Hands

A Listener had numb hands that persisted for a few days after a long mountain bike race. On the podcast, we discussed possible things to try including checking on how hard you are gripping, how many fingers are used for braking and also considering more padded gloves and grips.

Frustrated During a Workout

This one was near and dear to my heart as a coach. It is not uncommon for anyone regardless of experience to get frustrated in a workout if it doesn’t work out as we expected or how it ‘should’. We work through a few questions to ask yourself (especially if you are indoors on a virtual trainer program like Zwift). In general, aim to get the workout done and follow the concepts of 80% is a passing grade (read this post on this concept) and 90% of life is showing up.

Starting Strength and Does Form Matter?

A listener had been feeling like they couldn’t get started because there were lacking confidence in form. We discuss the benefits of getting going, even without weight and progressing your workouts weekly. We also discuss the value in even a single session with a coach or trainer to get some touch-ups on form and some ideas on workout routine/exercise selection. Check out my Anywhere Core for some quick exercises to start on today!


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