Athlete-Friendly Chili Recipes For… Chilly Days.

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Nutrition

Chili is genuinely one of my favorite things to make—I freaking love our CrockPot!—so when Outside asked me to get a bunch of chili recipes from a huge variety of chefs and athletes, from vegans to vanlifers to Alexi-freaking-Pappas, I was super stoked. I got some awesome new recommendations (seriously, Alexi’s more Mediterranean-influenced recipe is a gamechanger) about different flavor profiles, bean substitutes and meat swaps that you can make to make your chili next level. (And this might sound weird to some eaters, but I was always a chili-is-for-tortilla-chips kind of person, so Alexi’s swap out of chips for sourdough was another mind-blown moment for me.)

(Lazy cook? Get an Instant Pot.)

Click to read: The Only Chili Recipes You’ll Ever Need



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