Athlete Contemplating an Elimination Diet? What You Need to Know

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Nutrition

Elimination diets are enticing: Do this for 30 days and all your problems will be solved, right? As an athlete, elimination diets are tricky at best, dangerous at worst, and there’s a whole lot of “what you need to know” in the middle. Elimination diets are tempting, but for most of us who are training even at a moderate level, they’re unrealistic and unnecessary—but if you do think you’d benefit from trying one (and I got into the ‘why’ there as well), pleeeeease read this article I wrote with the help of some very, very smart dietitians and other experts over on Outside magazine’s site.  We talk about when you may need one, what to do alongside of it, how to pick which to try, and what you need to know to keep training.

Click to read: If You Want to Try an Elimination Diet, Read This First 

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