7 Pro Tips to Crush Your First Triathlon, Just for Cyclists

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Training

As most of you know, I started as a triathlete before I got into cycling (sorrynotsorry). So, when Bicycling wanted me to talk about tips for your first triathlon as a cyclist, I had a whole lot of tips of my own… But I also had the benefit of my husband, brilliant coach and ridiculously talented athlete Peter to tell me what he learned after surviving his first triathlon after decades of mountain biking. I also wanted pros and coaches to weigh in, once I had my rough ideas and obvious tips (ahem, don’t wear a chamois for the swim), since they have more experience than I do. So, this article was born, with tons of practical advice for how to get through training for your first tri. (There are also a lot of kinda funny GIFs, because that’s how I roll).

So, if you’re tri-curious, check it!

Click to read: 7 Pro Tips to Crush Your First Triathlon, Just for Cyclists 


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