2021 Word of the Year: Level Up

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Training

This year, I admit that I struggled a bit with the concept of my usual one word resolution. 2020 was obviously a weird one, and 2021 promises to be equally weird. That is the beauty of the one-word resolution, though: it’s general enough that it can be applied in many different ways and can shift to fit the global situation. Even if my word had been ‘travel’ in 2020, I could have used that time to plan a bucket list and research where I wanted to go, I could have focused on saving money for trips, and I could have worked on learning a new language. So it wasn’t that a word was tough because of 2021 being uncertain, it was tough because there are so many directions I’m feeling pulled right now!

Which actually led to this year’s word: Level Up.

Basically, I have a tendency to start a project, tick the box, and want to move on. From fitness, jumping between endurance sports for the last decade, to writing books, where the minute I finish one, I want to be starting on the next, I have a serious tendency to want to go with whatever is new and exciting. This isn’t a bad thing in some cases, since it’s what’s helped me finish as many books as I have (I really don’t like starting things and not finishing them), but it means I’m rarely fully exploring a project’s potential.

So my goal this year isn’t to start a bunch of new projects or write a bunch more books—though of course, there will be some of that!—but rather, it’s to pick the few big projects that are already in the works, like this site/podcast/book, and really focus on what I can be doing to level them up in terms of content, in terms of spreading our message, and in terms of continuing to grow in this space of healthy, adventurous living. The same applies to my own fitness: I’ve been tempted these last few months to say that I’m sort of over ultra-running and intrigued by triathlon again, and of course, as a Consummate Athlete, I do believe in a varied approach to sport… but I also know that this is the voice in my head that just wants to shift to something new for the sake of new, because it’s easier to finish an Ironman than to go all-in and actually try to win a 50-miler or get a hard FKT.

So, the goal is to level-up the work that I’m already doing, in all of the aspects of my life (including puppy training!). I’m pretty excited about finding a word that makes sticking to what I’ve been doing, just trying to do it even better than before, because at least now, it seems like a sexy, new goal—but really, I’ve just given it a minor makeover.

And… If this whole idea seems intriguing to you, I highly recommend reading Level Up Your Life by Steve Kamb. It’s a fun one!

OK—that’s all I have as we head into the New Year! Hope you all have a healthy, adventurous start to 2021, wherever you are.

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